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Service Learning Mini-Grants


Apply here for Spring 2011 courses by Nov. 15, 2010:

- Online Application
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Mini-Grant Overview

The Department of Student Activities is committed to supporting educational experiences that challenge students to both engage in rigorous academic study and address the social concerns of our community. With the goal of enhancing and promoting service learning projects, the Department of Student Activities has created a mini-grant program to help fund innovative projects for faculty and their students. Strong applications will address the four central components of service learning: preparation, action, reflection, and demonstration. Foremost, applicants need to show how the course's service component bolsters its curricular material while meeting a significant need in a community. A limited number of service grants are available. Service learning grants are typically up to $500. Larger grants may be offered under special circumstances.

Service learning grants may be used to pay for expenses related to project development and implementation. Common expenses include:
  • Project supplies
  • Resource material
  • Printing services
  • Supplemental text
  • Travel to service learning sites

Application Process

In order to apply for a service learning grant, interested faculty should complete the attached Service Learning Grant Application, which includes a project rationale, outline and budget. All applications are due to Marianne Magjuka, Coordinator of Service Learning Initiatives, by November 1, 2010.


  • Grant recipients must agree to the following:
  • Submit a short report that explains how funds were used
  • Provide receipts and invoices
  • Report service hours to Student Activities
  • Participate in the evaluation process established for service learning projects
  • Speak about the service learning project at one faculty lunch during the academic year

We strongly encourage you to log your trip with multimodal documentation: photo, video and student and faculty blogs are requested.

Online Application

Contact Information
School or Department:
Course Name:
Community Partner (if applicable):

Project Summary
(a) In what service activity will the students participate?
(b) How is this service activity connected to course content? Is there capacity for you and your students to treat the service project as a course text in a way that both enriches and advances course objectives?
(c) How will a service learning grant provide needed support?

Community Engagement
(a) How does this service learning project address a significant need in the community?
(b) What organizations or populations have you identified as potential partners in this project? Have you contacted them?
(c) What structures have you established in order to communicate with the identified community partners?

Student Learning
(a) How will you assess student learning? How will students demonstrate what they have learned?
(b) How will you facilitate meaningful reflection after students complete the project?