Coordinated by the Office of the Student Body External Vice President, Blinded seeks to expand students' horizons by providing an open forum where students of all backgrounds can engage in real discussion on issues relating to diversity.

Students are randomly arranged into small groups when they arrive. Then a Baylor faculty member leads the students in a discussion around one of four diversity topics: sexuality, race, religion, and socioeconomic status. After a period of time, the faculty member rotates to another group so that each group is able to discuss all five topics.

There is a catch! Each participating student is blindfolded and cannot see with whom they are conversing.

For questions, contact Briana Treadaway

Press Coverage

"Students Wear Blindfolds for Diversity Discussion"
News Release, Student Government News, March 19

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News Story, Baylor Lariat, March 4, by Morgan Hoffman

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