Baylor University

Racing Green: A Cup-free Race

Helping the environment is easy. See how.

Every runner knows that hydration is important during a race. And since sustaining the environment by reducing waste also is important, races across the country are going green. Eager to do our part, Student Foundation is encouraging all runners to bring their own hydration method and partake in cup-free racing.

Going cup-free (instead of using non-renewable paper cups) for the Bearathon and 5K will reduce waste by approximately 28,200 paper cups!


Each hydration station, located at every mile marker of the course, will have HydraPour high-speed dispensers so that runners may rapidly fill their containers and continue the race smoothly.

It is important to note each participant is asked to bring their own preferred method of hydration. We recommend that runners consider HydraPouches due to their suitability for racing. (The HydraPouch has a clip to attach to shorts or other running garments and is constructed to prevent spilling while running.)

Click here to learn about how the HydraPouch will improve your race hydration experience, and get 10% off when you buy a HydraPouch.

Practice coolers will be available at the Bib pick-up location so that runners can familiarize themselves with filling their container of choice.

If you are interested in more details or have questions about cup-free racing, please visit for more information.


Bearathon has partnered with Virtual Race Bags to produce a 'virtual goodie bag' in an effort to 'go green' and provide additional benefits to our participants. As a participant of this year's event you will receive an email invitation to the Virtual Race Bag prior to the event giving you access to the bag. In the race bag you will find an array of valuable information including our official event guide, exclusive offers, coupons, giveaways, and messages from our sponsors.

But wait, there's more! Immediately after the event, the race bag updates to include race results. Now participants will receive another email invitation to visit their 'results bag' and also have a final opportunity to take advantage of the offers and goodies before the bag closes.

So watch for the Virtual Race Bag and Get Your Green On!

Note: You will need to pick your bib up at bib pick-up on Friday, March 22nd or race-day morning. However, you will receive all paper materials via this virtual race bag.