Baylor University


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In order to better focus and meet the needs of the university, Student Foundation members are divided into three committees:

Campus Promotions

Campus Promotions directs its efforts toward developing leadership and involvement on Baylor's campus. The committee organizes and directs Freshmen Follies and the exciting 13.1 mile half-marathon, the Bearathon.

Both the administration and the Foundation realize that one of the best ways to promote Baylor University is to expose the public to the university's product—the student.

•In 2006, 340 participants registered to run in the fourth annual Bearathon, and the event raised more than $12,000 for student scholarships.

•The Campus Promotions Committee works to uphold strong morale and enthusiasm within the Foundation.

•The committee uses visual publicity such as billboards, banners, flyers, slide shows and chalking to promote Student Foundation activities.

Financial Affairs

A vital area of service encompassed by the Student Foundation is the funding of student scholarships. Members of the Financial Affairs Committee visit alumni and friends throughout the school year in order to gain scholarship donations for deserving students attending Baylor. Realizing the rising cost of higher education, the Foundation is committed to helping fellow students meet their education expenses.

•In 36 years, 5,079 students have benefited from $3,639,000 in Student Foundation scholarships.

•Student Foundation has raised a total of $2 million in endowed scholarship funds.

•The Financial Affairs Committee awarded $204,000 in scholarship funds to Baylor students at the 2006 Scholarship Banquet.

Student Recruitment

Student Foundation members are an integral part of the university's academic recruiting program. They represent Baylor at high school college nights and Baylor senior receptions throughout the school year.

•The committee represented Baylor at 29 college nights across the state of Texas in fall 2005.

•The committee represented Baylor at 33 senior receptions across the nation in spring 2006.

•The Student Recruitment Committee served as hosts and tour guides for high school National Merit Finalists attending the annual Invitation to Excellence.