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Senior Lecturer of Statistical Science

Dr. Amy B. Maddox CV

Marrs McLean 154
(254) 710-6571

Amy B. Maddox, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer of Statistical Science

Ph.D., Baylor University

Major area of research
Multivariate Analysis, Sampling, Regression Analysis, Statistical Methodology

Courses currently teaching
• Coordinator for the STA 1380 graduate teaching assistants
• 4370 Sampling
• 4372 Biostatistics
• 5300 Statistical Methods
• 5301 Experimental Design
• 5383 Multivariate Analysis


One of the first things that attracted me to statistics was its applicability to many different fields of study. During my first graduate statistics course I became intrigued by the opportunity that a statistician has to learn about other topics while applying statistical methods to solve real-world problems.

I began my educational career earning a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree in mathematics. After teaching for two years in the mathematics department at Baylor, I earned my doctorate degree in statistics from Baylor and joined the department of statistical science as a lecturer. Teaching is my first love and I thoroughly enjoy working with the graduate teaching assistants. I am also fortunate to work with graduate students from other departments and learn more about their areas of interest.

Personally my husband, Jodi, and I have been blessed with four beautiful daughters. In addition to playing with my girls, I enjoy exercising, learning about health and nutrition, reading, and scrap booking.

Selected Publications

Maddox, Amy B. and Seaman, John, Regression to Where?, The proceedings of the 2004 Joint Statistical Meetings, Toronto, Canada, 2004.