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   Senior Lecturer of Statistical

Dr. Amy B. Maddox CV

Marrs McLean 156
(254) 710-6571

Amy B. Maddox, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer of Statistical Science

Ph.D., Baylor University

Major area of research
Multivariate Analysis, Sampling, Regression Analysis, Statistical Methodology

Courses currently teaching
• Coordinator for the STA 1380 graduate teaching assistants
• 4370 Sampling
• 4372 Biostatistics
• 5300 Statistical Methods
• 5301 Experimental Design
• 5383 Multivariate Analysis


One of the first things that attracted me to statistics was its applicability to many different fields of study. During my first graduate statistics course I became intrigued by the opportunity that a statistician has to learn about other topics while applying statistical methods to solve real-world problems.

I began my educational career earning a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree in mathematics. After teaching for two years in the mathematics department at Baylor, I earned my doctorate degree in statistics from Baylor and joined the department of statistical science as a lecturer. Teaching is my first love and I thoroughly enjoy working with the graduate teaching assistants. I am also fortunate to work with graduate students from other departments and learn more about their areas of interest.

Personally my husband, Jodi, and I have been blessed with four beautiful daughters. In addition to playing with my girls, I enjoy exercising, learning about health and nutrition, reading, and scrap booking.

Selected Publications

Maddox, Amy B. Introduction to Statistical Methods. Waco: Kendall Hunt Publishing, 2016. Print.

Maddox, Amy B. Introduction to Statistics, 2nd Edition. Waco: Kendall Hunt Publishing, 2014. Print.

Maddox, Amy B. and Seaman, John, Regression to Where?, The proceedings of the 2004 Joint Statistical Meetings, Toronto, Canada, 2004.