Location: Ashton Oaks Apartment Complex

Day: Wednesday

Time: Meet at Bobo at 3:45 p.m., return by 5:45 p.m.

Team leaders: Jenna Espinosa and Jordan Davis

What we do: A group of us carpool to Ashton Oaks to engage in the community of kids there. We gather the kids in the main courtyard area and play games, jump rope and read to them or have them read to us. We have a Bible story time, complete with a question and answer session fueled by candy. Snack time follows, along with more games, conversation and laughter. Kids' Club has a loose and flexible structure, allowing us to judge on a weekly basis how we want the day to go.

Why we do it: There are few things more important than getting involved where you live. Instead of living in Waco superficially, we have to dive into this city and get to know its children. We are called to love our neighbors, and the people of Waco are literally our neighbors.

Contact: Jenna Espinosa and Jordan Davis