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BUMissions: Release Forms 2014

Your Baylor Mission Trip is just around the corner! Excited?! So are we! Just a couple more things to turn in and you'll be one step closer to adventure!

Please take time to download/PRINT BOTH the Export License Exception Certificate AND The specific Release Forms for your trip. The Release forms are multiple pages so make sure you print all of them. If there is a form for people under 18; IF you are over 18, you DO NOT have to fill those out.

All ORIGINAL forms & copies should be returned to Baylor Missions (Bobo Spiritual Life Center, Attention: Polly Flippin, Rm 112) IF YOU ARE NOT ON CAMPUS, YOU CAN SCAN & EMAIL TO MISSIONS@BAYLOR.EDU MUST HAVE ORIGINAL SIGNATURES, NOT DIGITAL.

The deadline to turn in all forms:

Spring Break Teams: February 19th
May/June Teams: March 19th
July Teams: March 19th

If you need to mail in the forms:

Baylor Missions
Att: Polly Flippin
OBP #97013
Waco, Texas 76798

If you are traveling with technology owned by Baylor: Export License Exception Certificate

what is this? In order to travel abroad with Baylor owned technology (like a Baylor iPhone or Laptop), you have to fill out this form saying what kinds of communication technology you are taking out of the country. Ex. iPad, iPhone, Droid, cell phone, laptop...anything that can store or transmit information. If you don't know right now, just write phone in that space. All students/faculty/staff that have Baylor owned items have to have this form along with the other release forms

RELEASE FORMS (Team Specific! International Trips ONLY!)

Spring Break Teams

Belize: Childhood Development
Dominican Republic: MAPS
Dominican Republic: Men’s Leadership
El Salvador: Honors Residential College
Guatemala: AMSA

May Teams

El Salvador: BRH
Ghana Community Development
Ghana Edu/Wellness & Ghana: Medical (AKA Ghana Leadership)
Guatemala: Kappa Kappa Gamma
Haiti/DR: Engineering
Malaysia: Music
Uganda Accounting
Uganda Kappa Sigma
Uganda Phi Chi
Zambia Sports Ministry

June/July/August Teams

Peru: Programming & CD
Zambia: Business (MBA+)
El Salvador: Medical
Greece: Outdoor Recreation