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#1. Release Forms: Please stop by the Bobo Spiritual Life Center at any point (before Sept. 5) in time and ask for a Freshman Retreat Release form at the Front Desk.
If you are UNDER 18 Please Ask Your Parents to Sign and Send the Release Form to the Bobo. (Fax # 254-710-3446)

#2: Fill out an emergency contact sheet... If an emergency arises during the retreat we will need to be able to notify a contact of your choice about your condition. Please note that this is VERY IMPORTANT. By filling out this form, you are giving us permission to talk about you to the contact of your choice. We will need this form completed before you are able to attend the retreat. Click here to fill out the emergency contact sheet:

#3: Let Ray know (via email, of any accessibility or dietary needs that we need to be aware of.... Ex. Are you allergic to something? Are you a vegetarian? Do you have a broken leg? Stuff like that. We’ll try to help make the necessary accommodations.

#4: Packing List! Here’s our SUGGESTED packing list...if you don’t have something, please don’t spend too much money (if any) buying this stuff...just do with what you’ve got, and share if you’ve got extra. You don’t really need anything other than casual clothes.


and Lastly....#5: Arrive at the Bobo on Friday, Sept. 12th at 3:30 for registration & Dinner on the go. We will be leaving Baylor no later than 4:30, so don’t be late! FYI: We will be returning to campus LATE on Saturday Night around 10:30-11pm.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Ray Small, Bobo Spiritual Life Center Graduate Apprentice at We SO look forward to seeing you there!