So You're Thinking About Going On a Mission Trip...

If you've made it all the way to this page, you're probably interested in knowing a little bit more about what it would take to go on a mission trip with BU Missions.  Congratulations, you've found the right spot!  The following materials will provide you with information on trip costs, applications, fundraising, important dates, passports, etc.  If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

What Does The Trip Cost Cover?

One of the most common questions we are asked is, "How much does it cost?"  The answer to this question is always, "It depends on where you are going."  Obviously, if you are traveling to Eagle Pass, the trip cost will be significantly different than if you are traveling to Nairobi, Kenya.  What doesn't change is what all is included in the total trip cost.  Here's the general breakdown:
The Trip Cost Includes:
  • Airfare
  • Hotel
  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • Debriefing Activities
  • Programming (special projects, etc.)
  • Entry Visa/Exit Tax (if applicable)
  • Insurance
  • Miscellaneous
Essentially, when you are on the trip, the only expenses you are responsible for are snacks/extra drinks or souvenirs.

**Note: Every Baylor student traveling abroad MUST carry a cell phone that works in country.  Since there are several options for achieving this goal, the cost of the cell phone has not been included in the overall trip cost.**

 How Do I Apply?

What once was a paper application is now online!  If you are interested in traveling with BU Missions, first check out the 2014 Trip Opportunities !  When you find a team you like, click on the APPLY NOW button on our Baylor Missions website under that trip! This will start your application through Bearsabroad, Baylor's trip management software. 

NOTE: When you click "Apply Now", you will be asked if you are currently a registered user (If you are a student/faculty/staff the answer is YES). You will have to sign into Bearsabroad, you'll need to use your BaylorID (firstname_lastname but NO & password (Same as your email). After you log in, select the term you are applying for (ex. Summer I, 2014) & click APPLY. Now, get started on your application! If you have any troubles applying, contact for assistance.

How Does Fundraising Work?

Fundraising is typically the most intimidating part of the trip planning process.  When faced with the trip cost, our first reaction is often to gasp and say, "No way that's gonna happen."  Take another moment though & take note of the resources that are right in front of you.  Friends, family members, churches, co-workers, etc.  Start thinking about how you could begin fundraising individually & then ponder creatively with your team on how you can raise the money together.  Our staff has created a Fundraising 101 packet to help you along the way.  The packet contains fundraising ideas, a sample letter, & a number of other tools to assist you in the process. You will also need a donor card

One of the most important things for you to note about the fundraising process is the difference between a donation & a payment!

What is a DONATION?

  • A donation is any check, cash or money that is NOT designated for a particular individual.
  • No individual name can appear on a check given as a donation. If a name does appear on the check, it is no longer considered a donation but a payment.
  • Donations are designated for a team fund & are allotted to team members according to the team leader's discretion.
  • Donations are tax-deductible & the Baylor Gift Office will send a gift receipt.
  • Donations are non-refundable.

*All monies raised through team fundraising events & turned into BU Missions are considered team funds & will be used at the team leader's discretion.*

What is a PAYMENT?

  • A payment is any money that is designated for a specific individual.
  • A payment will have the name of the individual student written on the check or gift.
  • A payment is only applied to a student's individual balance, not the team's.
  • A payment is NOT tax-deductible.
  • Payments are only refundable after all unrecoverable expenses are paid & can only be refunded to the individual that made the payment. (For example, if a parent made a payment on a student's account, the refund would go to the parent, NOT the student.)

If you're still a little fuzzy on the differences, make sure that you read the Fundraising 101 packet & check in with your team leader for clarifications.  It will make the fundraising process run significantly smoother if you do.  Your team leader will also be your point person for checking your account balance as you prepare for the trip.  BU Missions will be providing them with a weekly update, so please make sure to check in with them if you would like a status update on your account.

Don't forget your donor card! 

Are donors able to give online?

Check out the instructions for giving online listed in the Fundraising 101 packet!  There are links for online giving listed on each trip page under 2013 Trip Opportunities.

Are students able to make payments online?

YES! Baylor STUDENTS (only) can use a credit card to use our U-Pay system.
Click on the Make a Payment Link ! All payments must be made by 5pm on the day of the deadline!

What Are Some Dates I Need to Know?

Every important deadline/date will be on your Bearsabroad checklist.  Make sure to check it often to insure that you are tracking along & turning in the necessary payments & paperwork.  That being said, here are the most important dates for both the spring break & summer trips:

2014 Trips Payment Schedule

  • Dec 4- Application & Essays due for all Spring Break/May/June Teams (no money due at this time)
  • Jan 22 Applications & Essays due for all July Teams

  • Jan 22
    • 25% of total trip cost due (May/June);
    • 50% of total trip cost due (SB)
  • Feb 19
    •  50% of total trip cost due (to cover airfare costs) (May/June);
    • 100% (SB);
    • 25% (July)
      Deposits turned in after this date will be charged a $25 late fee**.
  • March 19
    • 50% of total trip cost due (July Trips )Deposits turned in after this date will be charged a $25 late fee**.
    • No financial deadlines this month for May/June trips :) keep on fundraising!
  • April 16
    • Final Payment (100% of trip costs must be paid in full!) (May/June) Deposits turned in after this date will be charged a $25 late fee**.
    • No Financial deadlines for July trips this month :) keep on fundraising!
  • June 4 -- Final Payment (100% of trip costs must be paid in full!) (July Trips) Deposits turned in after this date will be charged a $25 late fee**.

What If I Want To Travel Separately From the Group? 
Or If I Want To Use Frequent Flyer Miles?

If you are planning on traveling separately from the group (or using frequent flyer miles), then you will need to notify BU Missions ASAP (prior to January 26th!)You will also need to arrange for your own airfare.  As soon as the team's airfare is set, BU Missions can provide you with the itinerary so that you can match as much of your travel to the group's as you wish.  The amount budgeted for airfare will then be deducted from your overall trip cost.  Note: You will not be considered officially on a Baylor trip until you have joined the group.

What Do I Do About a Passport?

If you are traveling anywhere outside of the United States, you WILL need a passport.  If you already have a passport, check the expiration date.  It must be valid for at least 6 months after your anticipated date of travel.  If you do not have a passport or are needing to renew an old one, allow yourself plenty of time to do so (at least 8 weeks).  Below, you will find some links that may be helpful during the application or renewal process:

For First-Time Applicants

For Renewal Applicants

What Immunizations Do I Need?

You may need to update previous immunizations or receive new ones depending on where you are traveling.  Some countries actually REQUIRE certain immunizations in order to gain entry into the country.  To determine which shots you may need, check out the immunizations sheet

What Should I Pack?

Every country and team will require different things.  For instance, if you're traveling with a business team, you probably don't want to load up your suitcase with t-shirts, shorts, and tennis shoes.  It would be a bit of a situation.  Conversely, if you're traveling with a sports ministry team, ankle-length skirts and dress shoes would also be a problem.  Our office has created a general packing list, but you will want to check with your team leader for more specifics. Remember, modesty is always a good rule of thumb worldwide.

Info about Scholarships

Coming soon!