Registration information for Baylor in Spain, 2014

Permits will be entered into the system for all students as soon as Summer I registration is available toward the end of April. Watch this space for further instructions.

These are the classes that will be offered and the professors who will be teaching them:

Spa 2310-2A Intermediate Spanish-Clement-Espino

Spa 2320-2A Intermediate Spanish-Larson

Spa 2320-3A Intermediate Spanish-Blackwell

Spa 3310-1A Spanish Civilization-Blackwell

Spa 3302-2A Conversation & Composition-Larson

Spa 3302-3A Conversation & Composition-Clement-Espino

Spa 4430-2A Advanced Conversation & Composition-Larson

Spa 4V90-2A Advanced Language Studies-Larson