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First NIH Grant for SOE

Research Looks at Health Influences

Dr. Gary Elkins , Dr. Alex Beaujean, Dr. Rodney Bowden

Alex Beaujean (EDP), Rodney Bowden (HHPR), and Gary Elkins (Psychology) recently received a two-year grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The grant represents the first NIH grant received in the Baylor School of Education and supports the study Individual differences and health outcomes: A secondary data analysis in cognitive epidemiology.

The grant will help the investigators examine the influence of psychological variables on health outcomes, such as mortality, obesity/underweight, diabetes, and depression. Their initial inquiries will focus on examining how personality and cognitive ability relate to each other in producing different health-related behaviors that may, in turn, influence long-term health outcomes. The results may help inform public health by being able to better specify the types of interventions that might be most effective in reducing the incidence of preventable diseases and increasing the overall quality of life.

In addition to Drs. Beaujean, Bowden, and Elkins, the grant will fund a full-time research assistant for the Baylor Psychometric Laboratory and support students working on their dissertations in the area of individual differences and health outcomes.

The Baylor Psychometric Laboratory was founded in 2008 to support the faculty and students at Baylor University in the development, application, and analysis of measurement in educational/psychological research.

For more information, please contact Alex Beaujean at (254) 710- 1548 or, or visit http://homepages.

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