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In the First Person

Glen Teal MSEd, Educational Administration with Principal Certification, 1996

In spring 1995, I was introduced to Dr. Jimmy Williamson, head of the educational leadership program at Baylor. I had been a teacher for three years in the Fort Worth area and expressed interest in the program. Dr. Williamson explained to me that the 2-year old, cohort-based program was partially scholarship-funded by the Fred & Edith Hale Foundation.


Although I never knew Fred and Edith Hale, I had heard about them for several years prior to that moment. Fred Hale taught Sunday School to my father-in-law, Louis McKnight, in Henderson, Texas. Louis had told me several stories of Papa Hale's Christian faith, his generosity, and genuine care for his fellow man. I enjoyed hearing the life lessons that Louis had learned from Papa Hale, and I came to hold Papa Hale in high regard.

As you can imagine, I was interested in anything that Fred and Edith Hale had considered worthy of their foundation’s name. Dr. Williamson shared with me the couple’s unique vision. He said it was their desire to train Christian administrators to serve in public education. As far as I was concerned, Dr. Williamson could have stopped describing the program at that moment; the Hales’ vision was precisely what I felt God had been leading me toward over the past several months.

After being accepted into Baylor in the educational leadership program, my journey began. The program itself was complete with an outstanding core of professors including Dr. Jimmy Williamson, Dr. Betty Jo Monk, Dr. Weldon Beckner, and Dr. Mark Bateman. They stretched my thinking. They challenged me to think differently about how I approach leading in public education. Under God’s direction, these professors and my fellow “Cohort C” members helped me develop a firm foundation of keeping Christ in the center of my career as an educational leader.


Fulfilling the Hales' vision, I have been blessed to serve as a Christian administrator in public education for each of the 14 years since my experience at Baylor. I began my service at China Spring Elementary near Waco. Upon leaving Waco, I have served in two other school districts including Stamford (north of Abilene) and Lubbock, where I have been for the past 10 years. Most recently, I was chosen as principal to open the new Centennial Elementary in the Lubbock I.S.D.

I can say without hesitation that it was my Baylor experience that molded me for the rigor of being a leader. Baylor instilled in me the idea to always continue growing – in my faith, in my relationships with my wife (Megan) and sons (Kason and Janson), and as an educational leader. In keeping with this idea, I recently completed my doctoral coursework at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. I should complete my dissertation work in spring 2011. What an incredible journey it has been. Thank you, Baylor University, for preparing me to live for Christ in all areas of my life, including my profession.

Web Extra:

“Glen was an excellent student, and exemplified all that the Fred Hale Endowment stood for and supported in preparing Christian men and women for places of leadership in the public schools of Texas. Glen, congratulations on your achievements as a school leader, husband and father, and committed Christian.”

-Dr. James L. (Jimmy) Williamson

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