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Volume 3 Number 4


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From the founding of America's great universities - Yale, Harvard and Brown (originally church-affiliated institutions) - their core missions were educating citizens for a democratic society, addressing the problems of society, and fostering in students a mission for personal and community service. Schools of education in such universities, then and now, sought to stimulate discussion, research, and action on challenging issues of the day - aimed at strengthening communities and working for the common good. In this same tradition, as one of America's top universities, Baylor's School of Education established a Distinguished Lecture Series, to promote discussion and action on relevant educational issues within the Baylor academy, the greater Waco community, and beyond.

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In the First Person: Colleen Eddy, EdD, 2005

My first experience at Baylor University was serving as a part-time lecturer teaching mathematics methods for middle school pre-service teachers. Prior to Baylor, I had been teaching developmental mathematics at McLennan Community College for five years and before that teaching secondary mathematics at Midway High School in Waco for five years. What I had come to realize is that I do thoroughly enjoy doing and teaching mathematics.

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Seeking to Assist Children with Autism

Imagine living in a world where you cannot tell others that you are hungry, tired, or want your favorite toy.

Many children with autism have limited communication skills; they live in that kind of world. These children often display high levels of severe challenging behavior, such as aggression or self-injury. Children who cannot communicate, use behaviors to get their needs met - a child wanting attention may bite his hand because he knows this will get his teacher's attention.

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Welcome New Faculty in the School of Education

Dr. Anthony Boucher

Health, Human Performance and Recreation

Dr. Donald Fuller

Health, Human Performance and Recreation

Dr. Mary Ann Jordan

Educational Administration

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Making Investing in the Future

The Vorphals Give Thanks by Helping Students

"One of my first kindergarten students wrote me a thank you letter when she was close to graduating from high school," Nancy smiled. "Teachers invest in each child's life, and that's going to have a ripple effect for years to come."

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Impact Tomorrow

Discover more about ways to assist students or programs in the Baylor School of Education by contacting the Baylor Development Office at 800-BAYLOR-U, option 4.

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•  Welcome
•  In the First Person: Colleen Eddy, EdD, 2005
•  Research: Seeking to Assist Children with Autism
•  New Faculty Join SOE Departments
•  Investing in the Future

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