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Engaging EducationEngaging Education:
Hispanic Families in Transition: An Engaged Learning Group

SOE faculty participated in and led one of the first Engaged  Learning Groups, a university-wide initiative developed during  the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools re-accreditation  10-year review. 

Engaged Learning Groups (ELGs) combine interdisciplinary teams  of faculty with cohorts of entering freshman to participate in three  semesters of study and work around a thematic focus. Goals  for the ELG program include increasing interactions between  freshman students and Baylor faculty; supporting students’  initial transition to University life; developing active learning  that connects classroom experiences to current issues; and  encouraging undergraduate research opportunities. 

The School of  Education houses  the Hispanic Families  in Transition ELG,  one of three ELG s  initiated in fall 2007,  with leadership  from Dr. Randy Wood, director and professor of curriculum and  instruction; Dr. Doug Rogers, SOE associate dean for student  and information services; and Dr. Mona Choucair, senior  lecturer in English. 

The Hispanic Families in Transition ELG explores the “front  page” issue of immigration, the urgent need for immigrants to  learn English, and the significant force of the educated Hispanic  population in Texas and across the United States. Students who  complete the three-semester course receive English 1304 credit.  ELG students also receive community service credit, CCS 1100,  for their participation in the nationally recognized Learning  English Among Friends (LEAF ) adult literacy program at three  local middle schools.

“The opportunity to build a family unit and study at the same time  is a great way to start my college education,” Caleb Henrichsen,  an ELG participant, said. The class meets weekly to discuss  literature readings, research documents, and articles related to  immigration, literacy, minority education, and poverty. Developing  good research and writing skills will help freshmen be better  equipped for the duration of their Baylor experience. 

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