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Brooke Blevins Vita

Brooke Blevins, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction

Campus Contact Information:
Baylor University
School of Education
Office: Marrs McLean Science Building 237
Phone: (254) 710-4581
Curriculum Vitae

2003 B.A. Trinity University, San Antonio, TX
2004 M.A. Trinity University, San Antonio, TX
2011 Ph.D University of Texas, Austin, TX

Recent Publications:
Blevins, B., LeCompte, K., & Wells, S. (2013). Citizenship goes digital. Journal of Social Studies Research, 37(5).

Dewitt, S., Patterson, N., Blankenship, W., Blevins, B., DiCamillo, L., Gradwell, J., Gunn, J., Maddox, L., Saye, J., Stoddard, J., Sullivan, C. (2013). The lower-order expectations of high stakes tests: A six state analysis. Theory and Research in Social Education, 41(3), 382-427.

LeCompte, K. & Blevins, B. (2013) Civic Ideals, in LeCompte, K. & Blevins, B. (Eds.) The Texan. The Texas Council for the Social Studies. 29(2) 4-5.

Saye & Social Studies Inquiry Research Collaborative (Blevins, B. is an author) (2013). Authentic Pedagogy: Its Presence in Social Studies Classrooms and Relationship to Student Performance on State-Mandated Tests. Theory and Research in Social Education, 44(1), 89-132.

Salinas, C & Blevins, B. (2013). Examining the Intellectual Biographies of Pre-Service Teachers: Elements of "Critical" Teacher Knowledge. Teaching Education Quarterly, 40(1)

Blevins, B. & Salinas, C. (2012). Critical notions of historical inquiry: An examination of teacher enactment in history classrooms. The Social Educator, 30(2), 13-22.

Salinas, C., Blevins, B., & Sullivan, C. (2012). Critical notions of historical thinking: When official narratives collide with other narratives. Multicultural Perspectives. 14(10), 1-10

Research Interests:
Social studies education, teacher education, critical historical thinking, online gaming, action civics

As teacher educators, we play a crucial role in preparing future teachers to become teacher leaders. Teachers who are equipped and prepared to effectuate the change needed to respond to the new reality of classrooms-a 21st century reality of diversity, technology, innovation, and rapid global change. In order to do so we must help future teachers become critical, self-reflective, and informed decision makers who think about the diversity of experience students bring with them to their classrooms, work collaboratively with their peers to create engaging learning opportunities for students, implement research and best practices within their classrooms, and continue to grow and develop as teacher-scholars. As a teacher educator, I also have a unique opportunity to serve as a mentor for future teachers by modeling a commitment to university and community service, innovative thinking and leadership, and inquiry and value based teaching practices.

2011 AERA Research in Social Studies Education SIG Best Paper Award (Social Studies Inquiry Research Collaboration)
AATC 2013 John Laska Outstanding Dissertation Award
2013 & 2014 Hatton W. Sumners Foundation Grant

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Courses Taught:
TED 2340: Introduction to Secondary Teaching
TED 4341: Secondary Social Studies Curriculum

Dr. Blevins is the Kappa Delta Pi Beta Xi Co-Counselor. She also serves on the editorial board of Theory and Research in Social Education.
Dr. Blevins and her husband, Ben, have two amazing children, Elisha "Eli" and Adiya "Adi" who keep them very busy. In her free time Dr. Blevins enjoys reading, exercising, gardening, and baking.