Admission to the School Psychology Program

Admissions Overview

The School Psychology program accepts applicants for the fall semester only. Prospective students should have their completed application to the Baylor Graduate School by February 1. Strong applicants will be notified by mid-to-late February that they are being invited for an interview. Interviews are typically conducted via Skype.

Generally, the School Psychology program accepts 6-10 total students each year into either the EdS of PhD degree programs. Admission decisions are made by consensus of the School Psychology faculty based on multiple factors including GRE scores, undergraduate courses and grades, letters of recommendation, potential match between the applicant's goals and degree program objectives, and assistantship availability.

You can view a free online video program from the American Psychological Association, Preparing and Applying for Graduate School in Psychology, by clicking here.

Education Specialist (EdS) Degree Application Process

Submit an application to the Baylor Graduate School. The application is available online or you may request printed materials by telephoning the Graduate School at 254-710-3588 or by writing to: One Bear Place #97264, Waco, TX 76798-7264.

All applicants must submit the following information to the Baylor Graduate School before their application can be considered to be complete:

  • Two official transcripts of all prior undergraduate and graduate coursework
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores completed within the last five years
  • A letter of intent describing why they want to study school psychology and why they believe they are a good fit for Baylor's EdS degree program School Psychology
  • Three letters of recommendation from individuals who know the applicant from educational or professional experience. One letter should be from an academic advisor or faculty member who is acquainted with the requirements, demands, and expectations common to professional psychology programs. If an applicant has clinical experience, a letter from a supervisor (school psychologist, counselor, etc.) should be included.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree Application Process

Please follow the directions for admission to the Ph.D. degree program.

In your written statement, please make it clear that you wish to specialize in School Psychology and explain why you believe you are a good fit for the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree program. In addition, please list all the courses in psychology and education you have completed or are in the progress of completing.