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Department of Educational Psychology
The Department of Educational Psychology, through academic programs and associated research centers and clinics, strives to enrich the community and extend its impact to the state and nation. Outstanding faculty mentor students to carry out high-quality research and training in areas including exceptionalities, learning and development, school psychology and quantitative methods.
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Dr. Rishi Sriram Delivers Keynote at National Conference
There is no such thing as innate talent, said Dr. Rishi Sriram, associate professor in the School of Education and director of the master’s program in Higher Education & Student Affairs (HESA) in the Department of Educational Leadership. Instead, talent is cultivated, developed and earned, he said — and nurturing that talent in students is the mission of effective universities. Sriram laid out a bold vision for student development as the keynote speaker at the Annual Conference on the First-Year Experience of the National Resource Center. The convention provides a forum for higher education professionals to collaborate and share innovative ideas. The 2017 conference, held in Atlanta Feb. 11-14, drew more than 1,800 attendees from 47 states and 23 countries.
School of Education PhD Candidate Wins Teaching Award
Keith Kerschen, a PhD candidate in Curriculum and Teaching, was awarded the Outstanding Graduate Instructor Award from the Baylor Graduate School. Each semester, Baylor’s Graduate School awards three graduate instructors for excellence in classroom teaching. Kerschen received this honor in the fall for his classroom teaching in the Spring of 2016. During that semester, Kerschen taught American Educational Thought to School of Education undergraduates.
Math Expert Pushes Early Learning
Early childhood learning expert and professor Dr. Doug Clements believes that teaching early mathematics is more than helping kids remember numbers. Childhood mathematics skills are a foundation for success that is often overlooked by teachers, he said. Clements delivered a lecture titled “The Surprising Importance of Early Math” on Monday, Jan. 30, at Baylor.
“One of the most surprising lessons we can learn is that kids are often able to handle learning better than we give them credit for,” Clements said.