Courses Descriptions
Click the link below to download a pdf of course descriptions for the Ph.D. in Higher Education Studies & Leadership. The document does not include elective options.

Sample Schedule
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Basic Coursework Overview

The total hours of courses required for the program is 72 hours.

Higher Education Core: 15 hours

Studies and Leadership in Higher Education: 18 hours

Research and Statistics: 15 hours

Electives or Independent Studies: 6 hours

Cognate or Independent Studies: 6 hours

Research Internship: 3 hours

Dissertation: 9 hours

Typical Timeframe: 3 years of coursework; 1-2 years for dissertation

Detailed Coursework Overview

Block I: Higher Education Core (15 hours)

• EDA 5389 Foundations & History of Higher Education Administration

• EDA 5374 Moral and Faith Development in College Students or EDA 6305 Ethics and Values in Educational Administration

• EDA 6302 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

• EDC 6345 Christian Faith and Education or EDA 5399 Faith-Based Higher Education

• EDA 6370 Seminar in American Educational Thought (Great Texts in Higher Education)

Block II: Studies and Leadership in Higher Education (18 hours)

• EDA 5372 Culture and Organization of Higher Education

• EDA 5392 Higher Education and the Law

• EDA 6304 Seminar: Politics, Policy and Governance of Education

• EDA 6385 Higher Education—Business and Finance

• EDA 6363 Advanced Studies in Educational Leadership

• EDA 63XX Student Success in Higher Education

Block III: Research and Statistics Total hours required: (15 hours)

Required Courses

• EDP 5335 Research in Education (required only for student who have not already taken a similar course)

• EDP 5334 Statistical Methods (if the student has already taken a master’s level statistics course, they will be required to take either EDP 6360 Experimental Design I or EDP 6362 Applied Multiple Regression/Correlation Analysis in Education).

• EDP/EDC 6336 Qualitative Methods (required)

• EDA 6335 Research Practicum (required)

• 3 hours of a research elective. Examples include:

o EDP 5340 Measurement and Evaluation

o EDC 6339 Ethnographic Research

Block IV: (6 hours) Electives or Independent Studies

Students may take six hours of their choice from within the department or across the university. We particularly encourage taking courses outside the School of Education that may expose students to other fields within the university. For instance, students may wish to take additional courses in management from the business school, particular methods courses from a particular discipline (e.g., history or sociology), or courses about education found in other disciplines (e.g., sociology of education, philosophy of education).

Block V: Cognate or Independent Studies: (6 hours)

Students will choose to take six hours from a cognate area within the department or from courses within another department (e.g., educational psychology or curriculum and instruction) or another school (e.g., Arts and Sciences, Business). The Cognates below are merely samples. In addition, students may wish to use their elective hours to gain additional expertise in these areas. Example cognates can include:

• Community College

• Research

• Faith and Ethics

• Student Development

Block VI Professional Seminar and Internship

• EDA 6V64 Internship in Educational Administration (3 hours). Students will work with professors to produce a publishable journal article or professional presentation.

Block VII Comprehensive Exam (0 hours)

Block VIII Dissertation (Total Hours Required: 9)

TOTAL HOURS: 72 hours (63 hours of coursework + 9 dissertation hours) beyond a master’s degree.