Non-Cohort Model

Baylor University

Department of Educational Administration

The Master of Science in Higher Education & Student Affairs

(42 Semester Hours)

Non-Cohort Model

Year One: Fall Semester

EDA 5100        Professional Seminar

EDA 5389        Foundations & History of Higher Education Administration

EDA 5370        College Student Development I (Psycho-Social Development)

Year One: Spring Semester           

EDP 5371        College Student Development II (Cognitive-Structural Development)

EDP 5335        Research in Education

Year One: Summer Semester

EDA 5373        College Student Development III (Person-Environment Theories)

Year Two: Fall Semester

EDA 5372        Higher Education Administration I (Culture and Organization of Higher Education

EDP 5329        Counseling Theories and Techniques

Year Two: Spring Semester

EDA 5394        Higher Education Administration II (Planning, Budgeting, and Assessment in Student Affairs)

EDA  5399       Faith-Based Higher Education

Year Two:   Summer Semester

EDP  5334       Statistics*

Year Three:  Fall Semester

EDA 5391       Higher Education Administration III (Cultural Issues in Higher Education)          

EDA  5374       College Student Development IV (Moral and Faith Development in College Students)

Year Three:  Spring Semester

EDA 5392        Higher Education Administration IV (Higher Education and the Law)           

EDA 5378        Capstone Case Study Course


EDA 5V99       Thesis Course**