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Welcome to Baylor's Ph.D. in Curriculum and Teaching Program

Ph.D. in Curriculum and Teaching

Purpose of the Program

The purpose of Baylor's Ph.D. in C&T program is to prepare graduates for university-based leadership in the field of Curriculum & Teaching. Ph.D. graduates have the intellectual and moral background necessary to provide high-quality, long-term leadership in the field of Curriculum & Teaching.

The program enrolled its first students during Summer and Fall 2009. Graduates are prepared to begin positions as university faculty members who conduct research, prepare teachers, educate other professionals within the field of education, and perform all duties necessary to thrive as university faculty members. The curriculum prepares leaders who have the research background necessary to provide long-term vision for curriculum, teaching, and teacher education. Students are taught to integrate theory, practice, and faith in all aspects of their work.

To read a press release regarding the approval of this program by the Baylor University of Board of Regents,click here.

For more information, contact the Program Director, Dr. Trena Wilkerson, at Dr. Trena Wilkerson or 254 710-6162.