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"The Local Church and Mission"

Michael Stroope

This workshop will explore the way in which local churches are 're-thinking' their engagement with the world. What does it mean to love and serve neighbors near and far? How is the local church to form its people for service and witness to the world? What kinds of alliances and networks are emerging to facilitate the church's encounter?

"Rethinking Short-Term Mission Trips: Insights from STM Host Partners"

Dennis Horton

This workshop presents findings from a research project in which more than 100 long-term missionaries and other host partners shared their insights about short-term missions. We will first examine the purposes or motivations for conducting these trips and then discuss pragmatic matters such as selecting host partners and destinations, setting the agenda, determining trip activities, choosing team leaders and members, as well as deciding the size of the group and frequency of the trips.

"Developing Future Leaders"

Jennifer Dickey, Millicent Kamara, Mukupa Musonda and Brooke Olonde

This workshop provides an overview of the Global Mission Leadership (GML) program and the ways international leaders are utilizing social work education to prepare to participate further in God's mission in their countries of origin. Current GML students will share their sense of calling and plans to live out this vocation as they prepare to return home to serve their neighbors.

"Business as Mission: A Zambian Initiative"

Van D. Gray, Spencer Holmes, Hannah King, and Blaine McCormick

This workshop will cover the use of business as a mission field as students and faculty share their model, purpose, and experiences from a collaborative class experience in Ndola, Zambia. This class, which spanned approximately 12 weeks, integrated Baylor and Northrise University students and faculty with local Zambian enterprises in a "Business as Mission" initiative.