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Financial Aid Form

I. Contact Information
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Today's Date:
* Name:

* Applying For:
* Planning to enroll full time:
* Do you wish to be considered for Financial Aid?:
If no, skip to Part IV and complete parts with an asterisk (*).

II. Financial Dependency
A. What is the amount of support you will receive from family or unrelated benefactor sources? (If no support, enter 0) /month or /semester
B. How many persons are financially dependent upon you?

Relationship/Age of each of your dependents:
Relationship Age

III. Available Financial Assets and Obligations
A. Assets
Present Value of Available Assets

Savings: Investments:

Total Anticipated Income for Next Year in US Dollars
Student: Work: Full Time: Part Time:
Spouse: Other Sources:
B. Loan Obligations
Balance owed on baccalaureate and other educational loans:
Amount of loans already awarded to support your MSW study:
How do you anticipate financing your education in the upcoming year?
(loans, savings, earnings, etc.)

IV. Additional Information
A. Please describe any circumstances that you believe would assist the committee in reviewing/understanding your financial need:
By checking the boxes below, I am applying for the following types of financial aid:
Scholarships are gifts provided to the student by the School of Social Work. A stipend requires students to work as a graduate associate for 10 hours a week. Tuition remission assistance pays a portion of the cost of courses. The School of Social Work does not provide assistance with or process applications for federal or private loans.
Scholarships Stipend-10 hrs/wk (GA) Tuition Remission
* B. Special Interests or Skills for Graduate Associate work (for example: research, graphic design, social media, literature reviews, transcribing, editing, software (Excel, SPSS, GIS, Adobe, etc.), PR/marketing, data entry, database management, event planning, etc.):
C. In what languages other than English are you proficient in?
D. Are you the spouse, child, or other dependent of a Baylor University employee? Yes No

If yes, contact Human Resources department at Baylor to see if you are eligible to receive tuition remission benefits as a benefit of employment at Baylor.

* E. Please tell us a little more specifically about your goals and aspirations in social work.
* F. Specific areas of interest (for example: older persons, children & families, human trafficking, international, medical, hospice, business, entrepreneurship, minorities, women, hunger, church social work, school, housing, developmental disabilities, mental health, community development, etc.):
* G. Briefly describe your current involvement in the community and other volunteer activities:
If you are currently enrolled in a social work program, briefly describe your involvement and leadership (i.e.: officer in student organization with this program)