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Program Evaluation

The School of Social Work (SSW) teaches our students to assess their own work and the programs they lead in order to be in a constant state of self-improvement – and we turn that valuing of assessment on ourselves. Each year we conduct a thorough assessment of our programs, initiatives, and the various activities of the School.

The Dean's Report is an annual overview of our school’s strategic and operational objectives and the extent to which we have accomplished our stated school objectives as well as risen to meet emerging challenges and opportunities. The report also provides a look at the objectives for the coming year. It includes reports from each of our school initiatives, which include the Center for Family and Community Ministries that includes the Texas Hunger Initiative, the Congregational Initiative, the Diversity Initiative, Gerontology Initiative, the Global Mission Leadership Initiative, and the Trauma Response Initiative. It reports all the Faculty Publications from the previous calendar year.

We assess the Baccalaureate Social Work (BSW) and Master of Social Work (MSW) degree programs by carefully evaluating how successful we have been in developing the competency of our students, using those competencies stated by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and as well as an additional competency in the ethical integration of faith with professional practice. We report students’ performance competency each year in the BSW and MSW Assessment and Improvement Reports, which we use to continuously refine classroom and internship experiences so that our graduates are ready to provide competent service and visionary leadership wherever they go in established or cutting-edge fields of social work practice.

The Assessment of Learning Outcome reports (with average scores for each Competency) are available here:

BSW Program
MSW Foundation and Concentration Programs

We hope you will find these reports confirm that this school takes the responsibility of preparing social workers for service and leadership around the world very seriously and works diligently to provide the most challenging and effective educational experiences possible.

Diana Garland, Dean