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PhD Program

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Baylor's PhD program is designed to develop leaders and educators who can lead visionary social work education or service programs and conduct original research addressing the complex social issues of our world. The program provides a distinctive focus on the integration of religion and faith with the ethics, values and practices of the social work profession. Its graduates will be uniquely prepared to serve in academic research and teaching posts in social work programs and provide leadership in government and private agency contexts around the world.

The program uses an innovative online curriculum that combines infrequent short meetings on campus or at agreed-upon locations with classes taught in virtual classrooms by high definition videoconferencing. The coursework schedule is sensitive to the professional demands of adult learners, making it possible for students to remain in their current location and employment, if they choose to do so. The curriculum requires 60 credit hours, which includes 46 required course hours, 6 elective course hours and 8 course hours for the dissertation. The duration of the standard program is three years plus one summer.

A highly-selective group of seven students will be admitted every other year. Prospective students are invited to apply for admission to begin course work in June 2015. Applicants will be considered who have a master's degree, preferably an MSW from an accredited school of social work. Exceptions will be made to this requirement for applicants from countries without accreditation or for applicants with exceptionally strong credentials, a master's degree in a related field, and experience working in social service settings.

We are currently accepting applications from those who live in California, Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, Connecticut, Hawaii, Ohio, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

For more information, contact Charletra Hurt, Director of Career and Alumni Services, (254) 710-4479.