How to Apply to GML

Student Pathway

Steps to Apply to the Global Mission Leadership Initiative (GML):

  1. Apply to Baylor School of Social Work. You are applying as a 2-year MSW student. If you have questions about your MSW application call (001) 254-710-7853 or email You must fully complete your MSW application and your GML application by November 15th.

  2. Apply for Global Mission Leadership. The following pieces of the application portfolio are available to you online. The deadline for all applications is November 15. The GML application portfolio includes the following items:
    • Procedures and Requirements (Form I-P&R): This document details requirements and procedures to apply for the Global Mission Leadership Initiative.
    • Student Application (Form I-App): In this online form you will complete general information about yourself as well as your educational and ministry background, etc. It's the same as the hard copy version, but we prefer you fill it out online.
    • Educational Goals and Call to Service (Form I-G&C): This is the Statement of Educational Goals and Call to Service. While every piece of your application is necessary, it is very important to us to know more about who you are, your personal goals, and your calling to service. Please thoughtfully consider your responses to these questions.
    • Statement of Intent to Serve in the Country of Concern (Form I-In)
    • Supervisor Reference (Form I-SR): This is the Supervisor Reference form. Please ask the director or supervisor in your organization to complete this form and return it to the Office of Global Mission Leadership.
    • Pastoral Reference (Form I-PR): This is the Pastoral Reference form. Please ask a pastor in your local congregation to complete this form and return it to the Office of Global Mission Leadership.
    • Academic Writing Sample (see Form I-P&R for details)
    • Alternative MSW Programs Report (see form Form I-P&R for details)

      Please contact if you are unable to download any of the above documents.

      The deadline for all applications is November 15.

    • Apply for Financial Aid. The GML scholarship award varies each year due to available funding and is based on merit and financial need. GML applicants should consider options for funding the educational and living expenditures related to their MSW education through sponsorship, outside scholarship, or personal resources. Students who are accepted into GML may or may not receive a GML Scholarship award. Please visit Baylor Financial Aid for more information.