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Providing International Education Opportunities

The School of Social Work is beginning to place field students in countries abroad.

In Spring 2009, three MSW students traveled to Moldova through an agreement with the Moldovan government, UNICEF and Children's Emergency Relief International (CERI), whose goal is to reduce the number of Moldovan children in orphanages. Joy Pfanner, Megan Nichols and Leah Smith, concentration-year MSW students at the time, spent their spring semester in the poverty-stricken country.

In Spring 2010, we placed two students in Kenya, Africa with professor Jon Singletary acting as their field supervisor. This initiative was possible because of a collaboration with Buckner International to work with one of its children's schools.

International Elective Courses:

Jon Singletary, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

Other field education opportunities:

Erma Ballenger, Director of Graduate Field Education