Dennis Myers

Dennis R. Myers

The Dorothy Barfield Kronzer Endowed Professor in Family Studies
Phone: 254-710-6404

"I am blessed to spend some time on life's journey walking with men and women who seek the knowledge and skills to inform their lifetime commitment to compassion and justice. I find deep joy in the many opportunities I have to observe their vision for difference-making and to see their growth as leaders. Sometimes I get to help clarify the shape of their social work practice or inspire a new idea or show them ways to help. I am particularly energized when I am able to deliver the financial resources that make the journey possible or to introduce students to research projects that capture their imaginations."

"As I walk alongside students, I hear them tell of their unique calls to service, and I am eager to contribute to their fulfilling their vocation through learning and practice. I celebrate the times when students find strong links between the learning they seek and the learning they find during the time we journey together."


Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin
M.S.S.W.,The University of Texas at Austin
B.A., Baylor University
Full Curriculum Vita

Professional Credentials

National Center for Social Work Gerontological, Education-Gero-Ed Expert Trainer, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Supervisor, Internship for Licensed Professional Counselors

Selected Publications

(2013). Faith-outcomes for older adult volunteers in religious congregations. Accepted for publication: Social Work and Christianity, Special Issue on Social Work with Congregations and the 55+ Population.

  • Myers, D. R., Jones, V., & Lawrence, S. (2013). Will you care with me? Congregational responses with impoverished older persons. Accepted for publication: Social Work and Christianity, Special Issue on Social Work with Congregations and the 55+ Population.

  • McGee, J. S., Myers, D. R., Carlson, H., Pool Funai, A. E., & Barclay, P. A. (2013). God is the rock: spirituality, faith, and mild Alzheimer's disease. Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, 24.

  • Scales, T. L., Harris, H., W., Myers, D., & Singletary, J., (2012). Integrating Christian faith and social work practice: Students' views of the journey. In T.L. Scales & M. Kelly, Christianity and social work: Readings on the Integration of Christian Faith and Social Work Practice, 4th ed., New York: North American Christians in Social Work.
    • Singletary, J. Harris, H., Myers, D., & Scales, L. (in press). Student Narratives on Social Work as a Calling.ArÍte.
    • Myers, D. R. (2003) Transformational parent care ministry: A resource guide for congregations. Family Ministry, 17(4) 11-34.
    • Myers, D. R., Roff, L. L., Harris, H. W., Klemmack, D. L., & Parker, M. W. (2004). A feasibility study of a parent care planning model with two faith-based communities. Journal of Religion, Spirituality and Aging, 17(1/2), 41-57.
    • Myers, D. R., Wolfer, T. A., Sherr, M.

    Research Interests

    • Adult Child and Parent Relationships
    • Leadership of Senior Living Environments
    • Social Work and Long-term Care
    • Older Adults and Poverty
    • Volunteerism in Later Life
    • Family Caregiving
    • Leadership of Social Work Education Programs
    • Social Work with Developmental Disabilities


    Dr. Myers previously served as the director of the Master of Social Work program and, before that, as the director of the Baccalaureate Program in Social Work and director of the Civic Education Program. For 15 years, he was the associate director of the Institute for Gerontological Studies. Myers serves on the Board of Stilwell Retirement Center and the North Central Texas Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association.

    Dr. Myers has provided consultation in gerontological services for human service organizations and congregations. He is a licensed masters social worker as well as an advanced clinical practitioner and is certified as a supervisor of licensed professional counselors. He is principal investigator for a geriatric curriculum enrichment grant funded by the Hartford Foundation and the Council on Social Work Education and is also a recipient of the grant award, "Service and Faith: The Impact on Christian Faith and Congregational Life of Organized Community Caring," funded by Lilly Endowment.

    He is married to Lois Myers; they are the parents of adult children Lori and David.