Cynthia Harr

Cynthia Harr

Assistant Professor
Phone: 254-710-3359

"As a clinical social worker, my particular passion is to prepare future social workers who can assist individuals and families overcome the challenges they encounter both personally and in their environment. As social work professionals, they will play a critical role in the strengthening of families and in the development of healthy communities that focus on meeting the needs of all residents regardless of socio-economic class.

"I also have had the privilege to work internationally with colleagues in South America and hope to encourage students to develop a global perspective which envisions the possibilities for positive change and the need to confront social injustices in our world. Our increasingly diverse society also requires social workers who demonstrate cultural competence and respect for the individual's right to self determination."


PhD., University of Texas-Arlington
M.S.W., California State University
M.R.E., Golden Gate Theological Seminary
B.A., California State University
Full Curriculum Vita

Selected Publications

  • Harr, C., Souza, L. and Fairchild, S. (2008). An international comparison of hospital multidisciplinary teams for the identification, assessment and treatment of child abuse cases. Social Work in Health Care, 46(4), 1-16.
  • Harr, C., Openshaw, L. and Moore, B. (2006). Moving toward effective interdisciplinary collaborations to address spirituality: Chaplains share their perspectives on working with social workers. Arete, 30(1), 101-111.
  • Harr, C. (2006). Migrant Family Adaptation and Quality of Life: A Qualitative Study in Brazil. A chapter of text in Advancing Quality of Life in a Turbulent World. Springer, R. Estes, Ed., 209-220.

Research Interests

  • Clinical Social Work
  • Families
  • Mental Health
  • International Social Work
  • Spirituality
  • Organizations and Communities
  • Professional Development