Preston Dyer

Preston Dyer

Professor Emeritus
Phone: 254-710-6230

"I firmly believe the saying, ‘Strong marriages build strong families and strong families build strong communities.' That belief has influenced my teaching, research and practice over the last forty years. I am also convinced that social workers and others who work with families need to pay as much or more attention to prevention as to picking up the pieces after a crisis."

"Fortunately, today we have solid research that informs both educational (preventive) and therapeutic (rehabilitative) services to couples and families. In our family and children concentration in the BSSW MSW program we have worked to prepare social workers who can provide research based educational services and therapeutic services in the communities in which they work. I hope to continue to have a part in the marriage and family education movement and in preparing Baylor social workers to take a leadership role in that movement."


Ph.D., Texas Woman's University
M.S.W, Louisiana State University
B.A., Baylor University
Full Curriculum Vita

Professional Credentials

Academy of Certified Social Workers, Board Certified Diplomat in Clinical Social Work, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Texas Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Texas Certified Marriage Enrichment Leader/Trainer/Supervisor Marriage Enrichment Specialist, A.C.M.E. Certified Trainer, PREPARE/ENRICH (Premarital counseling inventory and program), Life Innovation, Inc.

Selected Publications

  • The Language of Married Love
  • Growing Together: Transition to Marriage

Research Interests

  • Marriage
  • Marriage Enrichment
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Program Evaluation


Dr. Dyer joined the Baylor faculty in 1969 with responsibility for developing the undergraduate social work program. He served 30 years as director of the undergraduate program. In 1998, when the new School of Social Work was established, he was appointed founding chair. In 2001, he left the chair position in order to teach full-time.

Prior to joining the faculty, Dr. Dyer was a clinical social worker practicing in mental health. In 1970, he began seeing clients privately on a part-time basis, becoming the first social worker in Waco to have a private practice. He has continued his part-time practice, which is now restricted to premarital and marital counseling and marriage enrichment.

Dr. Dyer and his wife Genie, who has a Ph.D. in family studies, are certified marriage enrichment leaders and leader trainers and have led marriage enrichment events across the United States. They are past presidents of the Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment.

The Dyers are the parents of Debbie and Sam and the grandparents of Susan, Liza and Laura.