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Process and Report

To find out more about the Church Census or to begin the process of using this tool with your congregation, email Sam_Oakley@baylor.edu. After scheduling a survey date and letting us know how many copies you will need, we will ship you copies of the survey and instructions for its use. We recommend that the survey be completed during your weekly worship service(s), since this is often the time most of the congregation is present and able to fill out the survey. This is best done when the survey is included in the service as part of worship, rather than as an addendum. Congregations often use the survey as an "offering of their lives" in worship.

Individuals provide no identifying information on the survey, and all of the results are processed at Baylor University. Once you have completed the surveys, you will collect them and mail them back to the Center for Family and Community Ministries. From the time we receive the surveys, it takes an estimated 6-8 weeks for us to process the data and prepare reports for you. You will receive one printed copy of the report as well as all of the data files and reports electronically for you to reproduce as many copies as you like or post results to your website. The report includes a summary of the findings, graphs and tables, explanations of the results, and recommendations for further reading and ministry development.