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Family and Faith Book Series

The Families and Faith Book Series

The Families and Faith Book Series is devoted to exploring the relationship between the spiritual life and our closest human relationships. From one generation to the next, faith and families are deeply intertwined in powerful ways. Faith puts all of life, including family life, in such a large perspective that it invites the gratitude, wonder, and hope so badly needed in the middle of the complexities and struggles of existence. On the other hand, faith becomes reality only as it lives through concrete human relationships. Religion needs families and communities where the generations gather together and share and celebrate what it means to love God and to love others. At their best, faith and families are immersed in grace, and this series hopes to be a resource for those seeking to make love real in the their families, congregations, and communities.

We are grateful to Lilly Endowment, Inc., for their support in developing this book series.

If you are an instructor, you may request an evaluation copy of any of these books by contacting the publisher directly.

Diana R. Garland and J. Bradley Wigger, Series Editors

Sacred Stories of Ordinary Families Sacred Stories of Ordinary Families: Living the Faith in Daily Life
by Diana R. Garland
ISBN: 0-7879-6257-0, Hardcover, 288 pages, March 2003

When families are faced with crises and challenges- unemployment, the untimely death of a family member, natural disasters and chronic illnesses- those who seem to weather the crisis best are often those who have an active spiritual dimension to their lives together. And in times of joy and celebration families with strong spiritual lives rejoice in deeper and more wondrous ways. But what exactly is it that characterizes faith and spirituality in family life? Identifying resilience, strength, and faith in the stories of all kinds of families, Sacred Stories of Ordinary Families motivates readers to think about how faith shapes their own family lives. Drawn from Diana R. Garland's extensive interviews with 110 families, this book includes stories from ordinary families whose lives together both reveal and rely on extraordinary faith.

Let the Children Come: Reimagining Childhood from a Christian PerspectiveLet the Children Come: Reimagining Childhood from a Christian Perspective (Families and Faith Series)
by Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore
ISBN: 0-7879-5665-1, Hardcover, 256 pages, August 2003

In this important and much-needed book, theologian, author, and teacher Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore writes about the struggle to raise children with integrity and faithfulness as Christians in a complex postmodern society. Let the Children Come shows that the care of children is in itself a religious discipline and a communal practice that places demands on both congregations and society as a whole. The author calls for clearer and more defined ways in which Christians can respond to the call to nurture all children (not just their own) as manifestations of God's presence in the world. Miller-McLemore raises and investigates questions that up until now have largely been left unasked, such as: What are the dominant cultural perceptions of children- including religious perceptions- with which parents must grapple? How have Christians defined children and parenting, and how should they today?

The Power of God at Home: Nurturing Our Children in Love and GraceThe Power of God at Home: Nurturing Our Children in Love and Grace

The Power of God at Home by J. Bradley Wigger provides both a biblical model and practical suggestions for helping the entire family become aware of God's presence in everyday life. He thoughtfully reveals the powerful formative influence of family life and shows that homes are the places where some of the deepest, most important learning takes place. Wigger- a husband, father, and professor of Christian education-uses honest examples from his own family life that open a window to grace and encourage parents to take a second look at their own homes, their own faith, and how home and faith connect in their lives. The Power of God at Home offers a refreshing perspective on family life, revealing families as potential bearers of God's grace and blessing and telling us how we can play this role more intentionally and thoughtfully.

Seasons of a Family's Life: Cultivating the Contemplative Spirit at HomeSeasons of a Family's Life: Cultivating the Contemplative Spirit at Home (J-B Families and Faith Series)
by Wendy M. Wright
ISBN: 0-7879-5579-5, Hardcover, 208 pages, February 2003

In Seasons of a Family's Life, Wendy M. Wright-parent, Church historian, and follower of the contemplative tradition-offers a reflective, story-filled, and inspirational examination of the spiritual fabric of domestic life. This practical and insightful book explores family life as a context for nurturing contemplative practices in the home. Rooted in an appreciation of our deep and wise spiritual traditions that probe the sacred alongside everyday human experience, Seasons of a Family's Life challenges us to wrestle with the great religious questions that shape our lives and offers parents a model for integrating family life and spiritual awareness.

Every chapter in Wendy M. Wright's thoughtful book is a lesson in gaining an awareness of the joy in our experience as families and letting the sacred be more present in our frantically paced daily lives. Wright shows us how to pay attention to the silence that underlies our lives and encourages us to be sensitive to the ordinary moments that connect us. She reveals a family life replete with sacred spaces, rituals that enrich our time together, shared family stories, and much more. Interwoven throughout the book is a wealth of inspiring, personal stories.

Real Kids, Real Faith: Practices for Nurturing Children's Spiritual LivesReal Kids, Real Faith: Practices for Nurturing Children's Spiritual Lives (J-B Families and Faith Series)