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History and Mission

The Center for Family and Community Ministries is entering its second decade of providing research, continuing education and resource development to support and enhance family and community ministry initiatives within congregations, denominational agencies and religiously affiliated organizations.


In the fall of 1998, President Robert Sloan authorized the founding of the Center for Family and Community Ministries (CFCM). The founding mission of the Center was to strengthen families and their communities, and to increase their capacity for nurturing faith through the ministry of congregations. The Center is committed to undergirding the critical roles that congregations and faith-based organizations have in:

  • building strong, resilient families
  • nurturing the life of faith in the home and community
  • providing supportive communities in which families can raise joyful and responsible children
  • strengthening the capacity to care for the needs of vulnerable family members

Dr. Diana Garland served as Director of the CFCM from its creation through June 2005 when she was named Dean of the new School of Social Work at Baylor University. Dr. Laine Scales served as Associate Director. The CFCM had a full-time project manager (staff position) for its first eight years, always funded fully by grants.

In June 2005, Dr. Jon Singletary was named Director of the CFCM. Six months later, Vicki Marsh Kabat came to the CFCM as Associate Director. In another six months, Angela Dennison came to serve as Buckner Director for Community Ministry Initiatives, a position funded by Buckner Children and Family Services.

In the past year, the staff has expanded as new opportunities for ministry have developed. Sam Oakley joined the CFCM as Associate Director and Jeremy Everett came to us in partnership with the Baptist General Convention of Texas Christian Life Commission to direct the Texas Hunger Initiative (THI).