FY 2013 Abstracts

Arts & Humanities Faculty Research Program

2012/2013 Abstracts

Julie deGraffenried
History / College of Arts & Sciences
A New Normal: Death and Dying in a Soviet Children's Magazine, 1941-1945

Thomas Kidd
History / College of Arts & Sciences
George Whitefield: A Biography

Eric Lai
Academic Studies / School of Music
Early Twentieth-Century Performance Practice of Anton Bruckner's Symphonies: The Clemens Krauss Archive at the Austrian National Library

Bruce Longenecker
Religion / College of Arts & Sciences
Translating Beyond Bultman

Luis Morera
History / College of Arts & Sciences
Ceremonial Receptions in Early Modern Portugal: Comparative Perspectives for a Truly Iberian History

Alden Smith
Classics / College of Arts & Sciences
Ovid the Clairevoyant and Preliminary Research on Virgil Aen 5