2011-2012 Abstracts

2011/2012 Abstracts

Darrin Bellert
Chemistry & Biochemistry/Arts & Sciences
High-performance large-scale graph mining using MapReduce

Walter Bradley
Mechanical Engineering/Engineering & Computer Science
Enhancing Performance and Sustainability in Engineering Plastics by Using Natural Fillers

Bryan Brooks
Environmental Science/College of Arts & Sciences
An Exploratory Study of Pharmaceuticals in Ospreys from Chesapeake Bay Watersheds

Erica Bruce
Environmental Science/College of Arts & Sciences
Nanoparticle Toxicity in Human Alveolar Cells: Implications for Health Impacts in an Occupational Setting

Joel S. Burnett
Religion/College of Arts & Sciences
The Amman Royal Statue and the Amman Theatre Inscription

Dawn S. Carlson
Management & Entrepreneurship/School of Business
Work-Linked Couples and Work-Family Enrichment: Increased Quality of Life for the Job-Incumbent and Spouse

Joe Coker
Religion/College of Arts & Sciences
The Collected Works of John Murton (to be published as part of the Early English Baptist Texts series by Mercer University Press)

Cynthia C. Fry
Computer Science/Engineering & Computer Science
Determination of Factors Influencing Retention Among Engineering & Computer Science Students Living in the ECS Living-Learning Center

Joe B. Fulton
English/College of Arts & Sciences
Mark Twain's Lost Archives

Christopher Hansen
Communication Studies/College of Arts & Sciences
AN AFFAIR, a feature film

Diane Hartman
Biology/College of Arts & Sciences
Determining and Comparing the Microbial Flora of Basking Freshwater Turtles and their Environment

Julie Holcomb
Museum Studies/College of Arts & Sciences
Moral Commerce: Women and the Transatlantic Free-Produce Movement

Forest S. Kim
Army-Baylor University Graduate Program in Health and Business Administration/Graduate School
Improving the Interpersonal Skills of Young Healthcare Executives

Sung-Kun Kim
Chemistry & Biochemistry/College of Arts & Sciences
Redox Mechanism between Arsenate Reductase and Glutaredoxin

Kevin Klausmeyer
Chemistry & Biochemistry/College of Arts & Sciences
Chemistry of Pyridyl Containing Phosphines, Diphosphines and Their Oxides

Myeongwoo Lee
Biology/College of Arts & Sciences
Integrin regulates cell growth and tissue formation in C. elegans

Joaquin N. Luco, Jr.
Psychology & Neuroscience/College of Arts & Sciences
The Role of PTEN in modifying social and cognitive behaviors in epilepsy

Martin J. Medhurst
Communication Studies/College of Arts & Sciences
Barack Obama and the Politics of Faith

Todd Meehan
Percussion/School of Music
Commissioning a Double Percussion Concerto by Composer Jonathan Leshnoff

Marcie H. Moehnke
Biology/College of Arts & Sciences
Evaluation of the protective effects of acai berry against the genotoxicity of benzo[a]pyrene in Drosophila melanogaster

K. Sarah-Jane Murray
Great Texts/Honors College
The Ovide Moralisť and Medieval Bible Illumination

Linda J. Olafsen
Physics/College of Arts & Sciences
Transparent Contacts for Dual Optical and Electronic Excitation in Mid-Infrared Semiconductor Lasers

Jungjun Park
Communication Sciences & Disorders/College of Arts & Sciences
Speed of real-time linguistic processing and reading in school-age children with specific language impairment (SLI)

Jeffrey C. Petersen
Health, Human Performance & Recreation/School of Education
An Analysis of Texas High School Football Corporate Sponsorship Activation

Qin (Tim) Sheng
Mathematics/College of Arts & Sciences
A Focused and Collaborative Research on the Stability and Convergence of Eikonal Splitting Methods

Cheolho Sim
Biology/College of Arts & Sciences
Endocrine Control Of Fat Hypertropy In The Diapause Mosquito Culex pipiens

David A. Smith
History/College of Arts & Sciences
Henry Geldzahler Biography

Gabrielle Sutherland
History/College of Arts & Sciences
Onsite Research at 13th ce. Papal Sites

Sascha Usenko
Environmental Science /College of Arts & Sciences
Determination of springtime gas-phase and particle-phase air pollutants using high-volume air samplers in Fort Worth, TX

Kenneth W. Van Treuren
Mechanical Engineering/Engineering and Computer Science
Wind Energy for Waco

Joseph D. White
The Institute of Ecological, Earth, and Environmental Science (TIE3S)
Implications of climate-driven variablity on the hydro-glaciological regime in headwaters of monsoon dominated mountain regions

Walter Wilcox
Physics/College of Arts & Sciences
Polynomial Preconditioning; Thomas-Fermi Quark Model

Trena Wilkerson
Curriculum and Instruction/School of Education
Fractional Thinking in Young Children-Australia Fall 2011