FY 2012 Abstracts

Arts & Humanities Faculty Research Program

2011/2012 Abstracts

Heidi Bostic
Modern Foreign Languages / College of Arts & Sciences
Special Issue of L'Esprit Createur: The Recent Work of Luce Irigaray

Michael-John DePalma
English / College of Arts & Sciences
Pragmatism in the Nineteenth Century Pulpit: Austin Phelps and the Adaptation of Sacred Rhetorical Education at Andover Theological Seminary

Leslie Hahner
Communication Studies / College of Arts & Sciences
Visual Rhetorics of Americanization

Tom Hanks
English / College of Arts & Sciences
Tolkien's "Leaf by Niggle" as Theory made concrete

David Jortner
Theatre Arts / College of Arts & Sciences
Betsuyaku Minoru and the theatre of 1960s Japan

Scott McAllister
Academic Studies / School of Music
CD:The Works of Scott McAllister

Mikeal Parsons
Religion / College of Arts & Sciences
Translating French essays for Paul and the Heritage of Israel

Jeffrey Peterson
Vocal Studies / School of Music
"A new song cycle based on the life of Mary Magdalene" to be written by noted American composer Libby Larsen

Coretta Pittman
English / College of Arts & Sciences
Tracing Lucille Hegamin's and Victoria Spivey's Contributions to African American Women's Literacy Practices

Trena Wilkerson
Curriculum & Instruction / School of Education
Fractional Thinking in Young Children-Australia Fall 2011