University Research Committee

2009/2010 Abstracts

Wickram Ariyasinghe
Absolute K-shell Ionization Cross Sections of B and F Under Electron Bombardment.
(Physics / Arts and Sciences)

David M. Arnold
Classification of Almost Completely Decomposable Groups
(Mathematics / Arts and Sciences)

Janet Bagby and Lucy Barnard-Brak
Examining Executive Functions in School-aged Children
(Educational Psychology / Education)

Katie M. Binetti
Isotopic Sampling of Early Pliocene Mammalian Fossils from Kenya
(Anthropology, Forensic Science and Archaeology / Arts and Sciences)

Erica D. Bruce
Investigation of Cell Culture Techniques for a Rare Seal Muscle Cell Line: Isolation and Immortalization.
(Environmental Science / Arts and Sciences)

Kevin D. Dougherty
A Place to Belong: Small Groups in Big Churches
(Sociology / Arts and Sciences)

Eva I. Doyle
Women's Health in Kurdish Villages of Armenia: a CBPR Study of Needs and Capacities
(Health, Human Performance, and Recreation / Education)

Jacquelyn R. Duke
Riparian Forest Basal (Tree Diameter) Growth Response to River Flow Along an Impounded River in Central Texas
(Biology / Arts and Sciences)

George W. Gawrych
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the Turkish War of Independence
(History / Arts and Sciences)

Adrienne Harris
Partizanka Zoia: The Creation, Mythologization, and Subversion of a Soviet Martyr
(Modern Foreign Languages / Arts and Sciences)

Christopher Kearney
An Inducible Plant Viral Vector System with Lowered Environmental Risk
(Biology / Arts and Sciences)

Ryan S. King
Using Stable Hydrogen Isotopes to Identify Energy Pathways in Small Streams of the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
(Biology / Arts and Sciences)

Myeongwoo Lee
Integrin Function in Vivo
(Biology / Arts and Sciences)

Carol Fiorillo Macaulay
AMS (Accelerated Mass Spectrometry) Dating of a Late Prehistoric Campsite in North-Central Texas, Upper Sprague Site (41HM54), Hamilton County, Texas
(Anthropology, Forensic Science and Archaeology / Arts and Sciences)

Lorin Matthews
Coagulation of Dust as a Precursor to Planet Formation
(Physics / Arts and Sciences)

Todd Meehan
Commissions and Premieres: A Recording of Contemporary Solo Percussion Music
(Instrumental Studies / Music)

Jay Pulliam
Active Tectonics of the Northeast Caribbean: Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
(Geology / Arts and Sciences)

Barbara Purdum-Cassidy and Rachelle D. Meyer
Action Research and Its Impact on PDS Partnerships
(Curriculum and Instruction / Education)

Andrew Scherer
Archaeological Exploration in the Classic Maya Kingdom of Piedras Negras
(Anthropology, Forensic Science, and Archaeology/ Arts and Science)

Michael W. Stroope
Models for the Church's Encounter with the World
(George W. Truett Seminary)

Randal L. Vaughn and Eunjee Song
Security Intelligence Cooperative
(Information Systems / Hankamer and Computer Science/ Engineering and Computer Science)

Anzhong Wang
Late Cosmic Acceleration of the Universe in Superstring/M Theory
(Physics / Arts and Sciences)

Joel A. Weaver
Studies in the Greek Documentary Papyri
(George W. Truett Theological Seminary)

Walter Wilcox
Eigenspectrum Noise Subtraction Techniques in Lattice QCD
(Physics / Arts and Sciences)

Daniel H. Williams
Apologetic Literature in Early Christianity
(Religion / Arts and Sciences)

Mary M. Witte
Examining Gender Differences in Early Mathematical Experiences
(Curriculum and Instruction / Education)