Arts & Humanities
Faculty Research Program

2008/2009 Abstracts

Antonios Augoustakis
Book Project: Statius' Thebaid Book 8: Text, Translation, Commentary
(Classics / Arts and Sciences)

Jeffrey Fish
Completing "On the Good King According to Homer"
(Classics / Arts and Sciences)

Kevin J. Gardner
New Uncollected Poems by John Betjeman
(English / Arts and Sciences)

Tracy Hoffman
In Search of Madame Bradley: African-American Women of the Oklahoma Territory
(English / Arts and Sciences)

Brent Phillips
Baylor Trombone Day/Stentorian Consort Recording Project
(Instrumental Studies / Music)

Lisa Shaver
Under the mantel of the Methodist Church: Antebellum Women's
Rhetorical Development
(English / Arts and Sciences)

William Weaver
Judgment in the Reformation
(Great Text Program / Honors College)