Conference Support Program

Conference Support Program Closed for FY 2016
All available funds have been allocated for the 2016 fiscal year. Applications are currently being accepted only for conferences which will take place after the beginning of FY 2017 (June 1, 2016).

Executive Summary
The Conference Support Program provides 'seed' money to encourage the pursuit of major regional, national or international conferences on campus. The Office of the Vice Provost for Research can also assist in guiding academic and research divisions in the coordination of on-campus conferences of interest to the academic mission of the Baylor community. Hosting a conference requires many months of advanced planning and organization management. The Office of the VPR has provided two guides below to assist you in planning and publicizing an event. In addition, our office will also be happy to meet with conference organizers to discuss early and end-stage coordination and event planning. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Baylor Campus Conference Checklists
A Year of Planning and Coordinating (PDF)
Planning a Publicity Strategy (PDF)

Online Application For Conference Support