Baylor IP Policy
To request a copy of the Baylor University Intellectual Property Policy, please contact the Office of the Vice Provost for Research.

Philosophy and Objectives
Baylor University faculty, staff, and students are regularly involved in scholarly activities which include teaching, research, and other creative activities. While the primary focus of such efforts is the advancement of the central principles of the University, the products of scholarship often have implications for wider and differing applications. The resulting intellectual properties thus may be of benefit to the individuals involved and to Baylor University. This objective of the Intellectual Property Policy of Baylor University is to support faculty, staff, and students in identifying, protecting, and administering intellectual property matters; defining the rights and responsibilities of all involved; and establishing support at the University to provide the required assistance. The policy also stipulates how income generated should be distributed to the developers and to the University.

Persons Affected
The intellectual property policy applies to all persons employed by Baylor University and to anyone using University facilities under the supervision of Baylor personnel, including non-faculty, non-student employees. This policy also applies to undergraduate students, graduate students, part-time students, and post-doctoral research associates.

Copyrightable Works
It is the policy of Baylor University that all copyright rights in copyrightable works created by University administration, faculty, staff and students shall remain with the creator(s) of the copyrightable works, unless the works are "works made for hire" within the meaning of applicable law where Baylor University is either the employer or the commissioning party and the author(s) are either University employees acting within the scope of their employment or are commissioned parties; or the copyrights are otherwise subject to contractual obligations.

Disclosing Intellectual Property
Faculty, Students, and Staff inventors/creators/authors must submit any intellectual property they create in which Baylor University may have an ownership interest to the Office of the Vice Provost of Research in accordance with this policy prior to public disclosure. In reviewing a disclosure, the Office of the Vice Provost of Research will consider the types of protection applicable to the intellectual property disclosed and recommend any form(s) of protection deemed suitable to the intellectual property in the disclosure.