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Proposal Certification and Routing
All proposals require approval by designated signatories from both the researcher's department/center (respective unit chair and dean) and the institution.

By signing off on the proposal routing form, the approving party certifies, per the language in the form, that the proposed project has support and approval of the academic unit.

The principal investigator initiates this review and approval process by:

  • signing proposal routing form
  • and
  • uploading
    1. completed proposal text and
    2. final budget information.

The Proposal Certification and Routing Guides will provide first-time users with step-by-step instructions for establishing digital IDs for certifying proposal materials, signing materials using electronic signatures, and using the OSP BearSpace site for coordinating reviews and approvals.

Institutional Reviews and Certifications

All academic and administrative reviews and approvals will use the OSP Box site. Once the proposal routing form has been signed by the dean and chair of the academic unit, the principal investigator should notify his/her OSP Coordinator.

Managing Proposal Documents in Box