Proposal Budget Preparation

The OSP will assist principal investigators in formulating a comprehensive project budget. The OSP will assist the principal investigator in formulating a budget that meets sponsor's guidelines.

The first step in preparing a budget is to identify the following:

  • all personnel by name and title/position,
  • the percentage of effort or portion of time each person will actually devote to the project
  • the rate of pay based upon this effort.

Budget modifications received after initial routing of the complete proposal may delay the review process as it may require re-approval by the dean and unit chair. Working with your OSP grant coordinator early allows for development of a complete and comprehensive budget ready to be routed for review and approval by considering:

  • annual increases in the budget based upon the scope of work
  • clearly detailed and well justified costs for personnel, equipment, supplies, and travel
  • required resources to accomplish the technical proposal as well as who will be responsible for providing resources i.e. the sponsor, the university, other parties)
  • facilities and administrative costs (F&A or indirect costs) that represent the University's federally negotiated rate or qualifies for a lesser rate per sponsor' requirement or a waiver request by the principal investigator
  • additional budget documentation required should a subawardee be a part of the proposal.