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Time Frame for Approval
The length of time it takes a proposal to go through the approval process with the IRB can vary greatly. After the committee meets, a letter stating the committee's decision is sent to the author of the proposal with copies to the faculty advisor (if applicable) and the departmental chair. Proposals approved as written are allowed to begin at that time. However, proposals approved with stipulations must not begin until all requirements are met and final approval is given in writing.

Expedited Review: Proposals involving only written, oral, or electronic surveys that do not request any highly personal or sensitive information, and pose only minimal physical and psychological risks to participants may be submitted for expedited review. A minimum of two weeks must be allowed for processing, provided that the proposal is complete upon submission and whether classes are in session so that committee members are available.

It is in the best interest of the investigator to submit a complete application that contains all parts. Any missing items or lack of clarification of important information in the proposal can cause delays.