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Criteria for Proposal Approval
1. The clarity of exposition as it influences the committee's ability to understand the background, aim(s), scope, procedure(s) and experimental method(s) of the protocol.

2. The nature and proposed implementation of the safeguards the author(s) proposes to limit the possibility of injury, loss of confidentiality, or embarrassment to participants.

3. The structure and content of the "Informed Consent Form" to ensure that the form fully, comprehensively, and lucidly explains the aims and procedures of the experiment as well as the options, benefits, safeguards, and remedies, if any, afforded the participants.

4. In assessing the balance of benefit and risk, the committee may consider:

  1. The scientific merit of the protocol, i.e. whether the outcome represents a potential contribution to the scientific knowledge base; and/or
  2. The pedagogical aim(s) of the protocol, i.e. whether or not it represents a valuable learning experience for a student investigator or for students involved in classroom or laboratory experiences.