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Industry Engagement

About Industry Engagement

The Baylor Advanced Research Institute (BARI) was established to expand research opportunities for students and faculty from multiple academic disciplines. The goals of the institute are accomplished through a number of means, but primarily by establishing complementary collaborative research partnerships with other educational institutions, industries, businesses, entrepreneurs and government entities.

The institute links companies and entrepreneurs directly with the Baylor researchers who can best help them develop research goals that are both relevant and attainable. This relationship provides research partners with the basic information they need to formulate an effective research strategy, while giving Baylor faculty the opportunity to conduct practical, results-oriented research in their fields of specialization. Additionally, the institute nurtures and protects Baylor intellectual property and facilitates the commercialization of Baylor research.

A natural consequence to these activities, the Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative (BRIC) discovery park was opened in 2013 and became an extension of Baylor research efforts with industry partners. The BARI/BRIC concept defines advanced research as a suite of services that not only involves basic laboratory research, but includes an extended relationship that offers technical assistance and executive training through LAUNCH, the innovative business accelerator and part of a suite of business services offered through the Hankamer School of Business, as well as a comprehensive workforce development program through partnership with Texas State Technical College Waco.

As an added benefit to the community, BARI/BRIC concept encourages new growth in the greater Waco area by working with municipalities, foundations and other regional educational and economic development organizations — most of which are BRIC partners — to create new businesses, expand regional commerce and attract established high technology industry to the area.

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