Grant Writing Seminars

Write Winning Grant Proposals

TBA - January, 2018
The "Write Winning Grants" seminar is intended to help faculty members from any discipline (arts, humanities, STEM, biomedical sciences, and health) compete more successfully for external funding. The general session, "Write Winning Grants", is open to all full-time faculty members.

Early Investigator Career Award Seminars

Many federal agencies, such as the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, Agency for Healthcare Research, and the Centers for Disease Control to name a few, offer awards for new investigators who are beginning their research career. Each federal agency has specific eligibility criteria for the award, and the criteria differ depending upon the agency. The early investigator Career seminars are intended to help young investigators successfully compete for a Career award.


TBA - January, 2018
This seminar is offered to eligible faculty who are planning to apply to agencies offering STEM Career development programs.


TBA - January, 2018
This seminar is offered to faculty who are planning to apply to agencies offering health-related Career development programs. Many biomedical and health career programs also offer awards to graduate students and post-doctoral scholars. Thus, graduate students and post-doctoral scholars seeking information on available awards are also encouraged to attend.


The seminars are open to all full-time Baylor faculty members. Seats are limited and preference will be given to new Baylor faculty members (those hired in the prior 12 months) and to tenure-track faculty members.

Additionally, the Career sessions are limited to faculty who:

  1. Have attended the seminar, "Write Winning Grant Proposals", either this year or in a previous year;
  2. Are eligible for the Career award based upon the criteria established by the agency.


The seminar presenter is Dr. Peg AtKisson of Grant Writers' Seminars and Workshops. AtKisson, a neuroscientist by training, is the former director of proposal development at Tufts University and has helped individual faculty members and research teams secure millions of dollars in competitive funding.