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Biblical and Related Languages

The primary biblical languages, Greek and Hebrew, have long been a regular part of Baylor's course offerings. Since 1989, with the establishment of the Institute program two important curriculum developments have occurred. An undergraduate major with a focus on Biblical languages has been available for interested students, and there has been a significant expansion in course offerings in ancient and modern near/middle eastern languages.

At the present time, in addition to Greek and Hebrew, courses are available in Aramaic, Akkadian, Ugaritic, Syriac, and modern standard Arabic. Several of the courses are offered "on demand" ( when there is sufficient student interest on enrollment ). We do have faculty available who are equipped to teach these languages.

Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic are offered at the beginning undergraduate level ( 1000--3000 level courses ). Aramaic is a 4000 level course ( advanced undergraduate-graduate level ) and requires a prerequisite 3 semester hours of Hebrew. Syriac, Ugaritic, and Akkadian are graduate level ( 5000 ) courses.

Requirements for a Major in Biblical and Related Languages

A. All specific and group requirements for the bachelor of arts degree.
B. Thirty semester hours including the following:

  1. Greek 2301 and 2302, Hebrew 3301 and 3302, and Aramaic 4303.
  2. An additional fifteen semester hours from the "3000" or "4000" level courses from Aramaic, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Syriac, and Ugaritic.
  3. Approval must be given by the director of the institute.

C. All major requirements in another department or study program in the University.
No more than six semester hours of courses listed both in the Institute for Biblical and Related Languages and another study program may be applied to major requirements in both majors.

Required courses in other fields:

A. Greek 1301 and 1302 and Hebrew 1301 and 1302 must be taken to fulfill the foreign language requirement for the B.A. degree.

B. These courses will not count in the hours required for a major in Biblical and Related Languages.

Arabic 1401, 1402--Elementary Modern Standard Arabic
Arabic 2301, 2302--Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic
Aramaic 4303--Biblical Aramaic
Akkadian 5307--Akkadian
Greek 1301, 1302--Elementary Greek
Greek 2301, 2302--Intermediate Greek
Greek 3351--Advanced New Testament Greek
Greek 3353--The Septuagint
Greek 5317--Seminar in New Testament Greek
Hebrew 1301, 1302--Introductory Hebrew
Hebrew 3301, 3302--Intermediate Hebrew
Hebrew 5309--Selected Documents from the Hebrew Scriptures
Syriac 5305--Syriac
Ugaritic 5306--Ugaritic

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Dr. Joel Burnett
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Tidwell Bible Building B21B
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