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Preliminary Examinations

Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 Dates
December 1, 2015
December 4, 2015
December 8, 2015

April 26, 2016
April 29, 2016
May 3, 2016

Preliminary examinations are administered twice a year, normally in early May and early December. Each student will have three days of testing in a two-week period. Each test period is five hours in length.

Students must apply to take prelims at the beginning of the full semester prior to that in which they plan to take them. Application must be made a minimum of 90 days prior to the first exam date. Application may be made no sooner than the semester in which you register for the 36th hour of your final 48 hours (exclusive of dissertation). You may not take the exams in any semester in which you have more than three hours of class work in progress.

The prelims must be taken no later than the third time they are offered after the semester in which you complete your 48 hours of coursework.

Students preparing for preliminary examinations are eligible to apply for a Library Study Carrel. For more information click "Apply for a Library Study Carrel," in the callout box to the right.


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