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Description of MA Degree

Requirements for M.A.

The Master of Arts program in Religion at Baylor University is designed for the student with advanced undergraduate background in religion or a student who holds the M.Div. degree but wants to pursue intensive study and research within one of four academic areas (Old Testament, New Testament, Historical, Theological). In consultation with the student's faculty adviser and the Director of Graduate Studies in religion, a program of study centered in one of the departmental divisions can be designed. In this program, the student may be permitted to take as many as six semester hours outside the Department of Religion, if these courses contribute directly to the student's specialized interest. Interested students should contact the Graduate Studies Office in Religion before submitting an application. The Religion Department does not anticipate admitting students to the MA Program for Fall 2016.

A minimum of thirty (30) semester hours are required for the M.A. in Religion. These hours include twenty-seven (27) hours of coursework, no more than twelve (12) of which may be taken at the 4000 level (with graduate credit) and three (3) thesis hours. In addition to coursework and thesis, a final oral exam will be required for satisfactory completion of Master of Arts in Religion.

Language Prerequisites

Intermediate proficiency in one modern foreign language is prerequisite for the M.A. Methods for achieving the proficiency are described in the Graduate School Catalog. Additionally, for entry into the program: Biblical students require intermediate knowledge of Hebrew and Greek; and Theology students may require intermediate knowledge of Latin or Greek (depending upon specialty). The foreign language used to satisfy the requirement is determined by the Director of Graduate Studies in consultation with the student's faculty adviser.

Opportunities are available for M.A. students in other programs at Baylor to include a religion component in their studies. Check the graduate catalog of your program for more information.


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