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Waitlist Information

Waitlist Instructions

How the Waitlist Works

If a student attempts to enroll in a closed class that has the Waitlist option:

  • The student receives the "Closed - # Waitlisted" message
  • The student has the option to elect to Waitlist the closed class section
    • If the student elects to Waitlist, they are not registered
  • When a seat becomes available in the class, the first student on the Waitlist is notified via Baylor email
    • The student has 24 hours to add the class via BearWeb
    • If the student decides not to register or the time expires, the next student on the Waitlist is notified


Waitlist Basics

  • is on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • is available through the last day BearWeb registration is open
  • does not guarantee a seat in the class or indicate the student is registered for the class
  • does not count toward enrolled hours for Financial Aid purposes
  • holds a spot in a queue should a seat become available
  • provides registration error checking before adding to the Waitlist
  • sends automatic email notification when a seat opens
  • has a 24 hour expiration after email notification
  • does NOT automatically enroll the student in the class section

For more details, visit the Waitlist FAQ's


Subjects and Courses using the Waitlist

Click below for subjects or individual courses using the Waitlist for Summer/Fall 2015.

Waitlisted Subjects/Courses for Summer/Fall 2015