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The Clinical Admissions Faculty have completed their review of the 293 applications received and have selected 30 applicants to move forward in the 2015 process. INVITATIONS TO THE THIRTY APPLICANTS SELECTED TO MOVE FORWARD WERE E-MAILED OUT FRIDAY, JAN. 16 AND ALL THIRTY APPLICANTS HAVE ACCEPTED THEIR INVITATION TO INTERVIEW.

Decline notices come from the Baylor Graduate School and these will be sent out in the coming days. If you log-in to the GoBaylorGrad dashboard, you may be able to see a notation of "D" or "Decline".

The Baylor Graduate School will not be able to address any questions regarding decisions, nor will the Graduate Studies Coordinator. Due to the volume of applications received, the admissions committee is not able to provide feedback to applicants on an indivdual basis. The Graduate Studies Coordinator is also unable to provide feedback.
Any applicant not invited to attend the 2015 Interview Days are welcome to reapply for 2016. GRE Scores are important and the competitive range is 322 or higher (calculated). Please consider taking the GRE again to increase scores, review your application for strength, especially in your essay, as well as in your letters of recommendation.

The mission of the Psy.D. program, to develop professional psychologists who can deliver competent psychological services, is consistent with the University's mission. This mission is promoted by a caring community which integrates academic excellence and professional education and training for public service.

Baylor is committed to a policy of inclusiveness, understanding, and acceptance of all regardless of race and ethnicity (Student Handbook). Students are accepted in to the Psy.D. program without regard to their religious orientation.

Prospective Students Must Submit the Following Materials
By DECEMBER 1, 2015 for consideration to join the program in the SUMMER of 2016:

  • An Application for Admission - Graduate School Online Application

  • Unofficial transcripts from all colleges or universities ever attended even if it was a dual credit course that was taken in high school. These must be sent from each college directly.

  • Three letters of reference. At least one letter should be included from a professor of psychology who is acquainted with the requirements, demands, and expectations common to clinical psychology programs today. If you have had clinically related experience, a letter from your supervisor (e.g. Psychologist) should be included.

  • Graduate Record Examination Scores; General (Aptitude). All tests must have been taken within five years prior to admission.

Where and When to Send Application Material

It is the applicant's responsibility to make sure that all application materials are received in the Graduate School's Admissions Office by December 1. All application materials must be sent to the Baylor Graduate School, One Bear Place 97264, Waco, TX 76798, which is separate from the Department of Psychology. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The most frequent causes of incomplete applications are (1) lack of GRE scores; (2) lack of transcripts from all institutions of higher education attended; and (3) lack of sufficient references. Because ETS, registrars, and professors have numerous requests in December, it is advisable to apply early and check to see that materials are sent weeks before the actual deadline.

Selection of Candidates

In reviewing applications, we look for a combination of academic ability and experience, clinically related experience, and the personality and social skills conducive to a successful career in professional psychology. All application information submitted is considered. Minimum requirements include 12 hours of psychology course work, an overall GPA of 2.7 and a major GPA of 3.0. Average scores for our newest incoming students (Class of 2015) are 3.84 GPA; 322 GRE (calculated). The submitted materials from each applicant are reviewed and approximately 30 candidates are invited to campus for interviews in mid-February. Travel costs are assumed by the applicant and the interview is required for admission. From the group interviewed on campus, approximately 7 students whose abilities and goals are judged to be most compatible with the goals of Baylor's Psy.D. Program are selected for admission. Students are admitted to the program only in the SUMMER, NOT FALL SEMESTER.